Clinical Services

Clinical facility is a state-of-the-art infrastructure, spread over approximately 42,000 square feet covered area. The Clinical facility is equipped with three separate wards with a cumulative amount of 155 beds along with 05 ICU beds.

At the Centre we can conduct:

• Single dose BA/BE studies: Fast/Fed/Sprinkled apple-sauce.
• Multiple doses BA/BE studies: Fast/Fed
• Steady-state studies
• Partial/full replicate design studies
• Parallel BA/BE studies
• BA/BE studies for controlled psychotropic substances
• Long housing studies (e.g. depot injections/endogenous substances/diet restricted/teratogenic drugs)
• 505(b)(2) submission types
• Non-oral dosage form BA/BE studies:
• Injectable
• Topical products (semisolids, patch)
• Inhalation (oral/nasal) products: With & without charcoal
• Suppositories/Enema
• Vaginal route specific dosage forms
• Lozenges
• Food-effect studies
• Drug-drug PK interaction studies
• In-vitro bioequivalence studies
• Special population BA/BE studies
• Post-menopausal female subjects
• Hypogonadal male subjects
• Geriatric subjects