Bioanalytical Services

Leveraging state-of-the-art instrumentation, techniques, and facilities, our team of experts has experience in a broad range of small and large molecule bioanalytical and biomarker support. Working in a good clinical laboratory practice (GCLP) compliant setting, the MCS Bioanalytical Laboratory provides method development, transfer, validation, and analysis of preclinical and clinical biological samples. We have extensive expertise in developing sensitive methods for LC-MS/MS – qualifying multiple-analytes, metabolites, prodrugs, and light- and temperature-sensitive compounds.

We offer the following Bioanalytical services:

• Bioanalytical method development/transfer/validation
• Chiral Assay​
• Micro dosing levels detection and quantification
• Cocktail analysis
• Small Molecule biomarkers
• Biological Fluid Samples analysis
• Tissue Analysis
• Metabolite Identification & qualification estimates
• Endogenous substances ​
• Protein binding
• Drug-drug interaction studies
• Micro dosing levels detection and quantification
• Small peptide analysis
• NCE method development & validation
• Conjugate/non-conjugate levels estimate
• Light & temperature sensitive (Thermal Study)
• Pre-column & post-column (Derivatization Method)
• Plasma Stability
• Inhibition studies (DPP IV activities)