Skill Development

A must for the future workforce!

Today, mankind is adopting skill development programs unlike it has done ever before. As a result, the trend has enabled us to attain an evolved lifestyle with specialized job roles. A develop skill future is the only future that our society belongs to. All of us have experienced its advantages and relevance in our ‘new normal’.

However, The need for ultramodern skills will cut across the entire strata of job roles and processes. So, we have to prepare our workforce well beforehand to apply position ourselves for this future.

A career in clinical research and regulatory affairs is comparatively new and has come into existence because of governments pledging to protect the rights of their citizens by controlling the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Research go hand and hand, and to be a through professional, it is important for people who are looking to make a mark in this field to be well informed and trained.

In-line with this, we believe in training programs & workshops with a practical approach as the key to clinical research success along with dissertation programs for pharmacy postgraduate students.

We have a strong team who have experience in giving hands on practical training, class room training/workshops and online training on clinical research and related regulatory topics such as :

  1. ICH-GCP
  2. ISO 17025:2017 (Laboratory Quality Management System & Internal Audit)
  3. ISO 15189:2012 (Medical Laboratories: Requirements for Quality and Competence)
  4. Lean Six Sigma
  5. Handling of Inspection/Audit
  6. Program on Clinical Research
  7. Preparation of ICF/ICD/CRF/TMF
  8. RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  9. CAPA (Corrective action & Preventive Action)
  10. GCLP (Good Clinical Laboratory Practice)
  11. Data Integrity & 21 CFR Part 11
  12. GAMP-V (Computer System Validation)
  13. ALCOA+ Principle
  14. eCTD Module 5
  15. NDCT Rules 2019
  16. Biomedical Waste Management System 2018
  17. LC-MS/MS Overview
  18. Concepts of LC-MS/MS method development
  19. Biosample Management
  20. Column Chemistry
  21. Train the Trainer
  22. Quality Mindset
  23. Quality Management System
  24. Data Governance
  25. Emotional Intelligence at work place
  26. Environmental Health & Safety

As Clinical Research is one of the most promising sectors and in the coming years, there will be a requirement of a huge number of trained professionals to fill up the positions. People who are generally well organised, in term of documentation and have a penchant towards compiling data, dossier maintenance and preparation can definitely benefit from an MCS course in clinical research and regulatory affairs. Enrolling themselves in an Mediclin Clinical Services Private Limited training programs/workshops might open new doors for them. Interested candidates can visit the website at for more details on the same.